7 Dog-friendly yoga routines to try with your pup

If you want to build a connection with your dog, the best way is to love what they love. You can strengthen your bond by adopting a yoga routine. It will help you fill all the cracks in your bond.

What is the best way to build a bond with your pup?

Well, it is something different and beautiful known as Doga. The word Doga is a mixture of dog and yoga. And it suggests doing Yoga with your pup.

All the cutest dog breeds are naturally inclined towards yoga because they are active and love to play. They have a hidden desire to stay mobile and fit. Due to their interest in physical activity, they show a different level of affection for your Yoga.

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If you want to build a connection with your dog, the best way is to love what they love. You can strengthen your bond by adopting a yoga routine. It will help you fill all the cracks in your bond, and enjoy a friendly bond with your pup.

A yoga-friendly routine will keep both you and your pup happily together. Here are some easy ways by which you can build a yoga routine with your dog


  1. Join Doga Classes

Doga classes are the best place, to begin with. For this purpose, search for Doga classes in your area, and after finding them, make sure to enroll yourself and your pup in them.

Doga classes help you learn the basics like how to get along with your dog and what steps to follow. The trainer will help you understand the need for Doga classes and will deepen your bond with your pup.

It is the best way to spend quality time with your dog, by doing exercise and building your bond through it. You can also start it at home, by doing simple yoga exercises at home.

For this purpose, you can seek help from YouTube or the Internet to learn some simple Yoga poses that involve your pup and you both.

  1. Incorporate Yoga into your walks                             

If you cannot spare extra time for Doga, you can manage it by incorporating yoga, into your daily activities like walking. Make your dog walk productive and fun by adding Yoga poses to your walk.

Doing squats and bending, and picking up your dog while walking is the simple modifications that you can adjust in your morning and evening walk. 

You can also engage your dog in Yoga, by doing meditation while walking on the ground. In this way, they would feel more involved, and your purpose of doing Yoga while a walk will also get served.

So, whenever you take your blue nose Pitbull for a walk, perform squats and other Yoga poses to make them more active and mobile.


  1. Practice dog-inspired poses

Your dogs love you more when they see you participating in activities they like. When you do different dog poses like compass pose, supine twist, and supported fetal pose in front of your dog, it gets exciting.

When your dog poses in front of your pup, nothing will stop them from joining. So, to build a yoga routine, learn some dog poses and perform them on a mat. Grab an extra mat for your dog and Shih Tzu Terrier Mix places it near you.

They would feel inspired and participate in Yoga poses like happy babies, upward-facing, and some other dog-inspired exercises.


  1. Lift your small dog

If your fido is small and you want to build a Yoga-routine with him, the best way is to lift him. For small dogs, it is the best yoga pose, and you can incorporate it into their routine to live a doga life with your pup at an early age.

Don’t wait for your dog to grow up for a doga routine, because you start it by performing a funny warrior pose with your dog. For this purpose, pick and lift your little fur-bay over your head and hold it for a few seconds.

While doing this pose, make sure that your dog is enjoying it and is not getting irritated by it for too long. Change the position after seconds to avoid inconvenience.


  1. Do a child pose with your dog

The best way to invite your dog for Yoga is to make them relax with a child pose. For creating a child pose, put your mat on the surface and create enough space in front. 

In maximum space, your pup will snuggle up to come into your arms. Kneel on your mat and wait for your dog to come to you. When they are around you, fold your body over your dog.

It should be a gentle fold so your dog can breathe freely. A child pose is the best Yoga pose that you incorporate into your routine.

  1. Show poses to your dog

Most dogs love getting attention, and you can give them extra attention while doing yoga. Teach them poses like the heart-to-hound mantra.

In this pose, keep one hand on your heart and the other on your dog's heart. While doing it, breathe slowly to let your dog feel your breath. It will make your dog feel more loved.

Although it is a yoga pose, you can strengthen your bond through it by making your dog feel loved. Teach a dog chair pose in which you raise his front paws from behind by supporting his back and hind legs.

Show yoga poses to your dog and gets their attention to take part in the yoga routine.


  1. Share in Savasana

 After doing several yoga poses, let your dog relax for some time. Encourage your furry baby to lie on its back and make him feel relaxed by rubbing his body.

Give your pup a gentle hug, and rub his body to make it feel relaxed after doing some yoga stretches. When you hug your pup, you feel them getting happy and comfortable.

It is the best way to make your dog feel loved after doing some physical exertional activities. When you add Yoga to your daily interactions, you will see that your dog will enjoy your company more.

Physical activity and games are a source of attraction for all dog breeds. And Yoga is a productive physical activity with a positive effect on a dog's health.


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