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Attack of the 80lb Beaver - Crazy Beaver Action! - by Suburban Wildlife Control

Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Pet and animals

To the "Likers" & "Lovers" out there, thank you!! And we appreciate all of you who have subscribed to our channel!!
To the "HATERS", because a video w/this many views is bound to get some...you can't ruffle our feathers with nasty comments, if we see one negative word we just delete them without even reading them. We understand your concern for wildlife and beavers, but FYI, we LIVE TRAP and relocate beavers to New Homes. Most wildlife control companies KILL TRAP, just search "Beaver Trapping" on YouTube, you'll see. The beaver in this video was totally and completely unharmed in any way, and we filmed him out of mere fascination with its behavior (which was unlike most beavers we've worked with). If you'll notice, the Beaver is following him around! The beaver easily could have left but stuck around to show who's boss! He was not harassed or anything of any negative nature in any way. He swam away happy, and got to KEEP HIS SKIN!

In this video, "Attack of the 80lb Beaver" Suburban Wildlife Control is called in to help with another "Dam Serious" situation in which an 80lb beaver has moved into and is causing destruction on a Golf Course Property. Having Live Trapped the Beaver, Brad is faced with the daunting duty of pulling the large and elusive creature from the murky water, not without getting completely soaked and covered in mud! Then, when Katy & Brad go to release the angry beaver into a new and perfect home, it turns and attacks!Crazy Beaver action, raw uncut beaver jokes, and one large and in charge live beaver all included!

Thank you to White Wolf TShirt for allowing their music to be used on a CC license and for putting it on SoundCloud for the world, you guys are awesome, and we really appreciate it, we hope you get more and more fans for doing so. Their song "Beaver, Beaver" is in the opening of this video!

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